Fresno Zip Code

ZIP CodeTypeAlias Names
93707P.O. Box
93708P.O. Box
93709P.O. Box
93712P.O. Box
93714P.O. Box
93715P.O. Box
93716P.O. Box
93717P.O. Box
93718P.O. Box
93724UniqueFresno Superior Court
93725StandardCalwa, Malaga
93729P.O. Box
93740UniqueCa State Univ Fresno,
Fresno State University
93741UniqueFresno City College
93744P.O. Box
93745P.O. BoxCalwa
93747P.O. Box
93750UniqueFresno Cnty Social Svc Dept
93755P.O. Box
93760UniquePacific Gas And Electric
93761UniqueUnited Faith Found
93764UniqueFresno City Utilities
93765UniqueAetna Life And Casualty
93771P.O. Box
93772P.O. Box
93773P.O. Box
93774P.O. Box
93775P.O. Box
93776P.O. Box
93777P.O. Box
93778P.O. Box
93779P.O. Box
93786UniqueFresno Bee
93790P.O. Box
93791P.O. Box
93792P.O. Box
93793P.O. Box
93794P.O. Box
93844UniqueIrs Service Center
93888UniqueIrs Service Center
Fresno Postal Code

Fresno, a vibrant city nestled in California’s Central Valley, presents a fascinating tapestry of communities and institutions, each uniquely encapsulated within its own ZIP code. From the quaint suburbs to the bustling urban centers, Fresno’s ZIP codes reveal much about the city’s diverse character and landscape.

A Glimpse into Fresno’s Neighborhoods Through ZIP Codes

  • 93650 (Pinedale): This standard ZIP code offers a snapshot of the suburban charm in Pinedale, a peaceful neighborhood with a distinct local flair.
  • 93701 to 93706 & 93710 to 93711: These ZIP codes cover various Fresno neighborhoods, reflecting the city’s diverse residential areas, each with its unique community vibe.

Fresno’s ZIP Codes with a Special Focus

Fresno’s ZIP code range includes unique and purpose-specific areas, highlighting the city’s various facets:

  • 93724 (Fresno Superior Court): A unique ZIP code dedicated to Fresno’s judicial heart.
  • 93740 & 93741: These unique ZIP codes are home to Fresno State University and Fresno City College, respectively, underlining the city’s educational significance.

Exploring the Varied Landscapes of Fresno ZIP Codes

The ZIP codes in Fresno stretch further, revealing more about the city’s diverse areas:

  • 93720 to 93723: These ZIP codes encompass a mix of residential and commercial zones, showcasing Fresno’s growth and development.
  • 93725 (Calwa, Malaga): This standard ZIP code covers areas like Calwa and Malaga, blending urban living with industrial aspects.

The Significance of Fresno’s P.O. Box ZIP Codes

A substantial number of ZIP codes in Fresno, such as 93707 to 93709 and 93712 to 93718, are designated for P.O. Boxes. These serve as critical points for mail collection and distribution, catering to both individual and business postal needs in the city.

Fresno’s Unique and Institution-Specific ZIP Codes

Fresno also boasts ZIP codes that are unique to specific entities or institutions, emphasizing their importance within the city:

  • 93750 (Fresno County Social Service Dept): A unique ZIP code for the county’s social services.
  • 93760 (Pacific Gas And Electric) & 93761 (United Faith Found): These unique ZIP codes are assigned to specific organizations, highlighting their presence in Fresno.


Fresno’s array of ZIP codes is more than just postal designations. They represent the city’s diverse communities, educational institutions, and key organizations. Each ZIP code area, be it a bustling university campus or a serene residential neighborhood, contributes to the rich tapestry that is Fresno, offering insights into the city’s character and the lifestyle of its residents.

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