Jersey City zip Code

ZIP CodeTypeAlias Names
07097UniqueNJ International And Bmc
07303P.O. Box
07305StandardEllis Island, Greenville
07308P.O. BoxFive Corners
Jersey City Postal Code

Jersey City, a bustling urban center in New Jersey, is not just a single entity but a conglomeration of varied neighborhoods, each with its unique ZIP code. These ZIP codes serve as windows into the diverse character of Jersey City, revealing different facets of this dynamic urban landscape.

ZIP Codes Mapping Jersey City’s Neighborhoods

  • 07302: A standard ZIP code that represents a significant part of Jersey City’s lively urban areas, offering a blend of residential and commercial spaces.
  • 07304: This standard ZIP code covers another segment of Jersey City, showcasing the diversity of its residential neighborhoods.
  • 07305 (Ellis Island, Greenville): Including the historic Ellis Island, this ZIP code marks a region steeped in rich history and cultural significance.

Jersey City’s Specialized and Unique ZIP Codes

Jersey City’s ZIP code assortment includes specialized areas and unique postal designations:

  • 07097 (NJ International And Bmc): A unique ZIP code, highlighting a major postal handling facility in the region.
  • 07395 & 07399 (Usps, Pershing): These unique ZIP codes are designated for specific postal or institutional purposes, emphasizing their role in the city’s infrastructure.

Jersey City’s P.O. Box ZIP Codes: Focal Points for Mail Services

Several ZIP codes in Jersey City, like 07303 and 07308, are exclusively for P.O. Boxes, serving as key postal hubs for both individuals and businesses in the city.

Exploring Jersey City through Its ZIP Codes

Further ZIP codes, such as 07306 and 07307, encapsulate other parts of Jersey City, each contributing to the city’s overall character and lifestyle diversity.


The ZIP codes of Jersey City are more than just numerical tags; they are the lifelines that connect the different parts of the city. From the vibrant commercial centers to serene residential areas, and from special postal zones to the historical Ellis Island, each ZIP code area tells its own story. Together, they paint a vivid picture of Jersey City as a place of rich diversity, historical depth, and dynamic urban living.

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