Albuquerque Zip Code

ZIP CodeTypeAlias Names
87103P.O. Box
87105StandardLos Padillas
87107StandardLos Ranchos, Los Ranchos De Abq,
Los Ranchos De Albuquerque,
Los Rnchs Abq, Village Of Los Ranchos
87114StandardAlameda, Los Ranchos,
Los Ranchos De Abq,
Los Ranchos De Albuquerque,
Los Rnchs Abq,
Village Of Los Ranchos
87115StandardManzano Base, Sandia Base
87116StandardSandia Base
87119P.O. Box
87121StandardFive Points
87124StandardAlbuquerque, Panorama Heights,
Rancho West
87125P.O. Box
87131UniqueUniv Of New Mexico, Unm
87151UniqueMetropolitan Detention Ctr
87153P.O. Box
87154P.O. Box
87158UniquePublic Service Co
87174P.O. BoxAlbuquerque
87176P.O. Box
87181P.O. Box
87184P.O. BoxAlameda
87185P.O. Box
87187P.O. Box
87190P.O. Box
87191P.O. Box
87192P.O. Box
87193P.O. Box
87194P.O. Box
87195P.O. Box
87196P.O. BoxUniv Of New Mexico,
Univ Of Nm, Unm
87197P.O. Box
87198P.O. Box
87199P.O. Box
Albuquerque NM Zip Code

Albuquerque, New Mexico, known for its unique blend of cultural influences and as a center of high-tech industry and research, is a city with diverse neighborhoods, each encapsulated in its ZIP codes. Let’s delve into the Albuquerque ZIP codes and uncover the distinct flavors and characteristics they represent in the city’s landscape.

A Spectrum of ZIP Codes in Albuquerque

From 87101 to 87199, Albuquerque’s ZIP codes span a wide range, covering everything from bustling city centers to quieter residential areas. Let’s take a closer look at some of these ZIP codes and what they signify:

  • 87101: This standard ZIP code marks the beginning of the Albuquerque ZIP code system.
  • 87102 to 87105: These areas represent a mix of urban and suburban settings, with 87105 extending to Los Padillas, a reminder of Albuquerque’s rich heritage.

Albuquerque’s Key ZIP Codes and Neighborhoods

Albuquerque’s ZIP codes are gateways to understanding the city’s diverse neighborhoods:

  • 87106 (UNM): This ZIP code is significant for housing the University of New Mexico, a major educational and cultural hub.
  • 87107: Encompassing areas like Los Ranchos, this ZIP code boasts a blend of urban and rural charm.

The Unique ZIP Codes of Albuquerque

Certain ZIP codes in Albuquerque are designated for specific purposes or areas:

  • 87116 (Sandia Base): A unique ZIP code, home to the Sandia Base.
  • 87117: Another unique ZIP code, indicating a specific area or institution within Albuquerque.

Albuquerque’s Outskirts and Beyond

As we move towards higher ZIP codes, we find areas that represent the outskirts and specialized regions of Albuquerque:

  • 87121: An area that includes Five Points, showcasing Albuquerque’s expansion.
  • 87122 to 87124: These ZIP codes cover both urban and suburban areas, including parts of Panorama Heights and Rancho West.


Albuquerque’s ZIP codes offer a window into the city’s diverse neighborhoods, from educational centers like UNM to mixed urban and rural areas like Los Padillas and Los Ranchos. Each ZIP code tells a story of the area it represents, reflecting Albuquerque’s unique cultural and geographical landscape. For residents, visitors, and businesses, understanding these ZIP codes is key to navigating and appreciating the rich tapestry of the Duke City.

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