El Paso Zip Code

ZIP CodeTypeAlias Names
79835StandardEl Paso
79906StandardFort Bliss
79907StandardYsleta Del Sur Pueblo, Ysleta Sur
79908StandardBiggs Field, Fort Bliss
79913P.O. Box
79914P.O. Box
79916StandardEl Paso
79917P.O. Box
79918StandardBiggs Field, El Paso
79920P.O. BoxWbamc
79923P.O. Box
79926P.O. Box
79927StandardHorizon City, Socorro,
Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo, Ysleta Sur
79928StandardHorizon City, Socorro
79929P.O. BoxSocorro
79931P.O. Box
79937P.O. Box
79938StandardDesert Haven
79940P.O. Box
79941P.O. Box
79942P.O. Box
79943P.O. Box
79944P.O. Box
79945P.O. Box
79946P.O. Box
79947P.O. Box
79948P.O. Box
79949P.O. Box
79950P.O. Box
79951P.O. Box
79952P.O. Box
79953P.O. Box
79954P.O. Box
79955P.O. Box
79958UniqueM Bank
79960UniqueEl Paso Electric Co
79961UniqueEl Paso Water Utilities
79968UniqueUniv Of Tx El Paso
79976UniqueSouthern Union Gas Co
79978UniqueEl Paso Natural Gas
79980UniqueWells Fargo Bank
79995P.O. Box
79996P.O. Box
79997P.O. Box
79998P.O. Box
79999P.O. Box
88510P.O. Box
88511P.O. Box
88512P.O. Box
88513P.O. Box
88514P.O. Box
88515P.O. Box
88517P.O. Box
88518P.O. Box
88519P.O. Box
88520P.O. Box
88521P.O. Box
88523P.O. Box
88524P.O. Box
88525P.O. Box
88526P.O. Box
88527P.O. Box
88528P.O. Box
88529P.O. Box
88530P.O. Box
88531P.O. Box
88532P.O. Box
88533P.O. Box
88534P.O. Box
88535P.O. Box
88536P.O. Box
88538P.O. Box
88539P.O. Box
88540P.O. Box
88541P.O. Box
88542P.O. Box
88543P.O. Box
88544P.O. Box
88545P.O. Box
88546P.O. Box
88547P.O. Box
88548P.O. Box
88549P.O. Box
88550P.O. Box
88553P.O. Box
88554P.O. Box
88555P.O. Box
88556P.O. Box
88557P.O. Box
88558P.O. Box
88559P.O. Box
88560P.O. Box
88561P.O. Box
88562P.O. Box
88563P.O. Box
88565P.O. Box
88566P.O. Box
88567P.O. Box
88568P.O. Box
88569P.O. Box
88570P.O. Box
88571P.O. Box
88572P.O. Box
88573P.O. Box
88574P.O. Box
88575P.O. Box
88576P.O. Box
88577P.O. Box
88578P.O. Box
88579P.O. Box
88580P.O. Box
88581P.O. Box
88582P.O. Box
88583P.O. Box
88584P.O. Box
88585P.O. Box
88586P.O. Box
88587P.O. Box
88588P.O. Box
88589P.O. Box
88590P.O. Box
88595P.O. Box
Zip Code for El Paso

El Paso, Texas, is a city with a rich cultural heritage, sitting at the crossroads of the U.S. and Mexico. Its ZIP codes offer a glimpse into the city’s diverse neighborhoods, each with its unique character and charm. Let’s embark on a journey through El Paso’s ZIP codes and explore what makes each area special.

A Closer Look at El Paso’s ZIP Codes

El Paso’s ZIP codes range from 79835 to 79999, and 88510 to 88595, covering various areas from the urban core to the outskirts. Here’s a snapshot of some key ZIP codes:

  • 79835: A standard ZIP code with a population of 12,456, this area represents 1.51% of El Paso’s population.
  • 79901: Nestled in the heart of El Paso, this area is home to 10,027 residents, forming 1.21% of the city’s population.

Exploring El Paso’s Neighborhoods by ZIP Code

Each ZIP code in El Paso holds its unique features and demographics:

  • 79902 to 79905: These areas are diverse and vibrant, with 79904 housing over 31,000 residents, making it one of the more populous areas.
  • 79907 (Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo): This ZIP code celebrates the rich Native American heritage of El Paso, with a population of nearly 51,000 people.

El Paso’s Largest and Smallest ZIP Codes

El Paso’s ZIP codes vary significantly in size and population:

  • 79912: This is one of the largest ZIP codes in El Paso, with a population of 78,652, accounting for 9.52% of the city’s residents.
  • 79918 (Biggs Field): One of the smaller ZIP codes, with only 362 residents, or 0.04% of El Paso’s population.

El Paso’s Unique ZIP Codes

Some ZIP codes in El Paso are designated for specific purposes:

  • 79968 (Univ Of Tx El Paso): This unique ZIP code is home to the University of Texas at El Paso, a major educational institution in the city.
  • 79976 (Southern Union Gas Co): Another unique ZIP code, dedicated to the Southern Union Gas Company.


El Paso’s ZIP codes paint a picture of a city with diverse neighborhoods, from bustling urban centers to quiet suburban areas. Whether it’s the culturally rich Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo or the educational hub of the University of Texas at El Paso, each ZIP code contributes to the vibrant tapestry that is El Paso. Understanding these ZIP codes provides valuable insights into the city’s geography and demographics, essential for residents, visitors, and businesses alike.

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