Seattle Zip Code

ZIP CodeTypeAlias Names
98101StandardTimes Square
98102StandardBroadway, Capitol Hill
98103StandardGreenwood, Wallingford
98104StandardInternational, Pioneer Square
98106StandardWhite Center
98109StandardQueen Anne
98110StandardBainbridge Is, Seattle
98111P.O. Box
98112StandardMadison Park
98113P.O. Box
98114P.O. Box
98115StandardSeattle Naval Support Activi,
98116StandardWest Seattle
98117StandardCrown Hill
98122StandardEast Union
98124P.O. Box
98125StandardLake City, Northgate
98126StandardWestwood Village
98127P.O. Box
98129UniqueReg Lib Handicapped
98133StandardBitter Lake, Richmond Highlands,
98138P.O. BoxTukwila
98139P.O. Box
98141P.O. Box
98144StandardBeacon Hill
98145P.O. Box
98146StandardBurien, Shorewood, White Center
98148StandardBurien, Des Moines,
Normandy Park, Seatac
98155StandardForest Park, Lake Forest Park,
Lk Forest Park, Lk Forest Pk,
North City, Shoreline
98158StandardSeatac, Seatac Airport
98160P.O. BoxRichmond Beach
98165P.O. Box
98166StandardBurien, Normandy Park
98168StandardBurien, Seatac, Tukwila
98175P.O. Box
98177StandardBitter Lake, Richmond Beach,
Shoreline, The Highlands
98178StandardBryn Mawr, Skyway, Tukwila
98185UniqueSafeco Plaza
98188StandardDuwamish, Mcmicken Heights,
Riverton, Seatac, Tukwila
98190UniqueCapital One
98194P.O. Box
98195UniqueUniv Of Washington
98198StandardDes Moines, Normandy Park,
Redondo Beach, Seatac
98199StandardFort Lawton, Magnolia
Zip Code Seattle WA

Seattle, the Emerald City, is known for its lush landscapes, tech industry, and vibrant culture. But beyond its iconic Space Needle and coffee shops, Seattle is a city of diverse neighborhoods, each with its distinct character. These neighborhoods are segmented and identified by ZIP codes. Let’s embark on a journey through the ZIP codes of Seattle and uncover the uniqueness of each area.

Seattle’s ZIP Codes: A Tapestry of Neighborhoods

Seattle’s ZIP codes range from 98101 to 98199, each marking a distinct part of the city:

  • 98101 to 98109: These ZIP codes cover the heart of downtown Seattle and its immediate neighborhoods. Areas like Belltown (98121), known for its trendy eateries, and Queen Anne (98109), famous for its stunning city views, fall within this range.
  • 98112: This code represents parts of Capitol Hill and Madison Park, neighborhoods known for their vibrant nightlife and scenic lakeside parks, respectively.
  • 98115 to 98119: Covering areas from the residential neighborhoods in Ravenna to the historic maritime atmosphere of Ballard, these ZIP codes reveal the diverse living experiences Seattle offers.

Each ZIP code in Seattle tells a story of the neighborhood it represents. For instance:

  • 98122: This ZIP code covers the Central District, a melting pot of culture and history, reflecting Seattle’s diverse community.
  • 98133, 98134: Representing parts of North Seattle and the industrial district, these ZIP codes showcase the city’s multifaceted nature, from quiet residential streets to bustling business hubs.

Seattle’s Special ZIP Codes: Unique and P.O. Box

In addition to standard ZIP codes, Seattle has unique ZIP codes and those designated for P.O. Boxes, indicating the city’s complex infrastructure and diverse institutional needs. For example:

  • 98154, 98164: These are P.O. Box ZIP codes, primarily used for mail sorting and delivery rather than representing specific neighborhoods.
  • 98174 (Unique): This unique ZIP code might be assigned to a particular institution or organization within Seattle, serving a specific operational purpose.
  • 98195 (University Of Washington): This unique ZIP code is designated for the University of Washington, indicating its large footprint and significance in the city.


Seattle’s ZIP codes provide a fascinating glimpse into the city’s diverse landscape. From the bustling downtown to the serene residential neighborhoods, each code marks a territory rich in history, culture, and community life. Understanding these ZIP codes gives a deeper connection to the heart and soul of Seattle, revealing the multifaceted nature of this vibrant city. Whether you’re exploring the urban core or the quiet suburbs, each neighborhood, with its unique flavor and story, contributes to the tapestry that makes Seattle not just a city but a living, breathing community.

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