San Francisco Zip Code

ZIP CodeTypeAlias Names
94080StandardS San Fran, S San Francisco, Ssf
94119P.O. Box
94120P.O. Box
94125P.O. Box
94126P.O. Box
94128StandardSan Francisco Intnl Airport
94137UniqueBank Of America
94139UniqueFirst Interstate Bank,
Wells Fargo Bank
94140P.O. Box
94142P.O. Box
94143StandardUc San Francisco
94144UniqueWells Fargo Bank
94145UniqueUnion Bank Of California
94146P.O. Box
94147P.O. Box
94151UniqueIrs Service Center
94159P.O. Box
94160UniqueBank Of America
94161UniqueBank Of America
94163UniqueWells Fargo Bank
94164P.O. Box
94172P.O. Box
94177UniquePacific Gas And Electric
San Francisco Postal Code

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San Francisco, a city celebrated for its iconic Golden Gate Bridge, vibrant cultural life, and tech innovation, is as diverse in its geography as it is in its culture. This diversity is neatly categorized and identified by ZIP codes, each representing a unique part of the city, from bustling neighborhoods to major institutions and specific services. Let’s navigate through the ZIP codes of San Francisco and discover the distinctiveness each one brings to the city.

San Francisco’s ZIP Codes: A Mosaic of Communities and Services

San Francisco’s ZIP codes, ranging from 94080 to 94188, encapsulate the city’s diverse facets:

  • 94080 (South San Francisco): Though not in the heart of San Francisco, this area is closely linked to the city. With a population of 66,592, it’s a significant community on the city’s outskirts.
  • 94102 to 94110: These ZIP codes cover various parts of San Francisco, from the cultural richness of the Tenderloin (94102) to the vibrant and diverse Mission District (94110).
  • 94111 (4,306 residents) to 94119: This range includes parts of the Financial District and areas mainly used for postal services (P.O. Box ZIP codes).

San Diego Zip Code

As we explore further, each ZIP code tells a story:

  • 94121 to 94124: These ZIP codes represent neighborhoods from the scenic views of Richmond (94121) to the industrial and evolving community in Bayview (94124).
  • 94127 (West of Twin Peaks): Known for its residential charm and suburban feel within the city.
  • 94128 (San Francisco International Airport): This unique ZIP code is designated for the airport, indicating its significant presence and role in the city.

San Francisco’s Unique ZIP Codes and P.O. Box Designations

In addition to standard ZIP codes, San Francisco has unique ZIP codes and those designated for P.O. Boxes, reflecting the city’s extensive infrastructure and diverse organizational needs. For instance:

  • P.O. Box ZIP Codes (94119, 94125, etc.): These are mainly used for postal services and likely represent areas with a concentration of P.O. Boxes rather than specific neighborhoods.
  • Unique ZIP Codes (94137 – Bank Of America, 94144 – Wells Fargo Bank): These codes are assigned to specific institutions or businesses, highlighting their importance and operational scope within the city.


San Francisco’s ZIP codes offer a detailed map of the city’s diverse landscape, from its eclectic neighborhoods and cultural hubs to its corporate institutions and specific services. Understanding these codes provides more than just navigational aid; it offers a deeper insight into the multifaceted nature of this iconic city. Whether it’s the bustling streets of downtown, the serene residential areas, or major institutional centers, each ZIP code adds a distinctive flavor to the rich tapestry of San Francisco.

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