Salt Lake City Zip Code

ZIP CodeTypeAlias Names
84101StandardSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84102StandardSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84103StandardSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84104StandardSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84105StandardS Salt Lake, Salt Lake Cty, Slc
84106StandardMillcreek, S Salt Lake,
Salt Lake Cty, Slc,
South Salt Lake
84107StandardMillcreek, Murray, S Salt Lake,
Salt Lake Cty, Slc,
So Salt Lake, Ssl
84108StandardEmigration Canyon, Emigratn Cyn,
Salt Lake Cty, Slc
84109StandardMillcreek, Salt Lake Cty, Slc
84110P.O. BoxSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84111StandardSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84112StandardSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84113StandardFort Douglas, Salt Lake Cty, Slc
84114StandardSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84115StandardS Salt Lake, Salt Lake Cty, Slc,
South Salt Lake, Ssl
84116StandardSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84117StandardHolladay, Holladay Cottonwood,
Holladay Ctwd, Millcreek,
Murray, Salt Lake Cty, Slc
84118StandardKearns, Salt Lake Cty, Slc,
Taylorsville, W Valley City,
West Valley City
84119StandardGranger, Granger Hunter,
S Salt Lake, Salt Lake City,
Salt Lake Cty, Slc, So Salt Lake,
South Salt Lake, Ssl, Taylorsville,
W Valley City, West Valley
84120StandardHunter, Salt Lake City,
Salt Lake Cty, Slc,
W Valley City, West Valley
84121StandardBrighton, Cottonwd Hts, Cottonwood,
Cottonwood Heights,
Cottonwood Heights City,
Holladay, Holladay Cottonwood,
Holladay Ctwd,
Murray, Salt Lake Cty, Slc, Solitude
84122P.O. BoxSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84123StandardMurray, S Salt Lake, Salt Lake Cty, Slc,
So Salt Lake, Ssl, Taylorsville
84124StandardHolladay, Millcreek, Salt Lake Cty, Slc
84125P.O. BoxSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84126P.O. BoxSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84127P.O. BoxSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84128StandardSalt Lake City, Salt Lake Cty, Slc,
W Valley City, West Valley
84129StandardSalt Lake Cty, Taylorsville
84130P.O. BoxSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84131P.O. BoxSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84132UniqueSalt Lake Cty, Slc, University Medical Ctr
84133StandardSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84134UniqueSalt Lake Cty, Slc, Utah State Tax Commission
84138StandardSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84139UniqueQuestar Gas Company, Salt Lake Cty, Slc
84141UniqueFirst Security Bank, Salt Lake Cty, Slc,
Wells Fargo Bank
84143UniqueLds Hospital, Salt Lake Cty, Slc
84145P.O. BoxSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84147P.O. BoxSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84148UniqueSalt Lake Cty, Slc,
Veterans Administration Hosp
84150UniqueChurch Of Jesus Christ/Lds,
Salt Lake, Salt Lake Cty, Slc
84151P.O. BoxSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84152P.O. BoxSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84157P.O. BoxMurray, Salt Lake Cty, Slc
84158P.O. BoxSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84165P.O. BoxS Salt Lake, Salt Lake Cty, Slc,
South Salt Lake, Ssl
84170P.O. BoxSalt Lake Cty, Slc, W Valley City, West Valley
84171P.O. BoxCottonwd Hts, Cottonwood,
Cottonwood Heights,
Cottonwood Heights City, Salt Lake Cty, Slc
84180StandardSalt Lake Cty, Slc
84184UniqueAmerican Express Co, Salt Lake Cty, Slc
84190UniqueSalt Lake County Complex, Salt Lake Cty, Slc
84199UniqueSalt Lake Cty, Slc, US Postal Service
Salt Lake City Postal Code

Salt Lake City, set against the backdrop of the stunning Wasatch Range, is not just Utah’s capital but also a city of diverse neighborhoods, key institutions, and various specialized services. This diversity is neatly organized and identified by ZIP codes.

These codes do more than ensure mail reaches its destination; they represent different parts of the city, from residential areas and business districts to governmental institutions and unique services. Let’s embark on a journey through Salt Lake City’s ZIP codes and explore the distinctiveness each area brings to the city.

Understanding Salt Lake City’s ZIP Codes

ZIP codes, or Zone Improvement Plan codes, are more than just sequences of numbers for sorting mail. In Salt Lake City, these codes are crucial for understanding the city’s geography, defining neighborhoods, and pinpointing specific institutions or services.

Salt Lake City’s ZIP Codes: A Mosaic of Communities and Services

Salt Lake City’s ZIP codes range from 84101 to 84199, each marking a unique part of the city:

  • 84101 to 84106: These ZIP codes cover central Salt Lake City and its immediate neighborhoods, including areas like the bustling downtown (84101) and the historic and culturally rich Millcreek and South Salt Lake regions (84106).
  • 84107 (Millcreek, Murray) to 84110 (P.O. Box): This range includes diverse neighborhoods and areas designated for P.O. Boxes, showcasing Salt Lake City’s multifaceted urban landscape.

Each ZIP code in Salt Lake City tells a story about the area it represents. For instance:

  • 84111 to 84120: These ZIP codes represent different parts of the city, from the vibrant commercial districts to the peaceful residential neighborhoods, reflecting Salt Lake City’s diverse urban landscape.
  • 84121 (Brighton, Cottonwood) to 84129 (Taylorsville): This range covers various neighborhoods and suburbs, each with its unique character, from the upscale residential areas to the bustling suburban communities.

Salt Lake City’s Special ZIP Codes: P.O. Box, Unique, and Standard

In addition to standard ZIP codes representing neighborhoods, Salt Lake City also has numerous ZIP codes designated for P.O. Boxes, unique institutions, and government services, reflecting the city’s extensive infrastructure and diverse organizational needs. For instance:

  • P.O. Box ZIP Codes (84110, 84123, etc.): These are mainly used for postal services and likely represent areas with a concentration of P.O. Boxes rather than specific neighborhoods.
  • Unique ZIP Codes (84132 – University Medical Ctr, 84134 – Utah State Tax Commission): These codes are assigned to specific institutions or services, highlighting their importance and operational scope within the city.


Salt Lake City’s ZIP codes offer a detailed map of the city’s diverse landscape, from bustling downtown areas to serene residential neighborhoods, and from major service hubs to unique institutional locations. Understanding these codes provides not only navigational aid but also a deeper insight into the multifaceted nature of this dynamic city.

Whether exploring urban neighborhoods, visiting government offices, or navigating through services, each area, with its unique flavor and character, adds a distinctive chapter to the rich tapestry of Salt Lake City.

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