Sacramento Zip Code

ZIP CodeTypeAlias Names
94203UniqueState Of Ca
94204UniqueState Of Ca
94205UniqueState Of Ca
94206UniqueState Of Ca
94207UniqueState Of Ca
94208UniqueState Of Ca
94209UniqueCa State Treasurer
94211UniqueState Of Ca
94229UniqueState Of Ca
94230UniqueState Of Ca
94232UniqueState Of Ca
94234UniqueState Of Ca
94235UniqueState Of Ca
94236UniqueState Of Ca
94237UniqueState Of Ca
94239UniqueState Of Ca
94240UniqueFranchise Tax Brd Refunds
94244UniqueState Of Ca
94245UniqueState Of Ca
94247UniqueState Of Ca
94248UniqueState Of Ca
94249UniqueState Of Ca
94250UniqueState Of Ca
94252UniqueState Of Ca
94254UniqueState Of Ca
94256UniqueState Of Ca
94257UniqueState Of Ca
94258UniqueState Of Ca
94259UniqueState Of Ca
94261UniqueState Of Ca
94262UniqueState Of Ca
94263UniqueState Of Ca
94267UniqueFranchise Tax Board
94268UniqueState Of Ca
94269UniqueState Of Ca
94271UniqueState Of Ca
94273UniqueState Of Ca
94274UniqueState Of Ca
94277UniqueState Of Ca
94278UniqueCa Franchise Tx Brd Brm
94279UniqueState Of Ca
94280UniqueState Of Ca
94282UniqueState Of Ca
94283UniqueState Of Ca
94284UniqueState Of Ca
94285UniqueState Of Ca
94287UniqueState Of Ca
94288UniqueState Of Ca
94289UniqueState Of Ca
94290UniqueState Of Ca
94291UniqueState Of Ca
94293UniqueState Of Ca
94294UniqueCa Dept Motor Vehicle
94295UniqueState Of Ca
94296UniqueState Of Ca
94297UniqueState Of Ca
94298UniqueState Of Ca
94299UniqueCa State Govt Brm
95605StandardBroderick, Bryte, River Bank, W Sacramento
95691StandardW Sacramento
95798P.O. BoxW Sacramento, West Sacto
95799P.O. BoxW Sacramento
95812P.O. Box
95813P.O. Box
95815StandardNorth Sacramento
95826StandardWalsh Station
95840UniqueFranchise Tax Board
95851P.O. Box
95852P.O. Box
95853P.O. Box
95860P.O. Box
95865P.O. Box
95866P.O. Box
95867UniqueFranchise Tax Brd Refunds
95894UniqueCa Dept Motor Vehicle
95899P.O. Box
Zip Code of Sacramento CA

Sacramento, the capital city of California, is not only the hub of state government but also a city of diverse neighborhoods, major institutions, and specialized services. These facets of the city are neatly defined and identified by ZIP codes, which do more than ensure efficient mail delivery. They represent different parts of the city, from residential neighborhoods to state government offices, and even specific services. Let’s navigate through Sacramento’s ZIP codes and explore the uniqueness each area brings to the city.

Understanding Sacramento’s ZIP Codes

ZIP codes, short for Zone Improvement Plan codes, are not just sequences of numbers for sorting mail. In Sacramento, these codes are essential for understanding the city’s geography, defining neighborhoods, and pinpointing state government offices and services.

Sacramento’s ZIP Codes: A Tapestry of Government Services and Communities

Sacramento’s ZIP codes range from 94203 to 95899, each representing a unique part of the city:

  • 94203 to 94299: These unique ZIP codes are primarily associated with state government offices, departments, and services. They represent the vast array of state functions and administrative operations based in the capital city.
  • 95605 (Broderick, Bryte) to 95843 (Sacramento): This range includes diverse neighborhoods and areas in and around Sacramento. Areas like 95691 (West Sacramento) and 95815 (North Sacramento) are known for their residential communities and local businesses.

As we delve deeper, each ZIP code provides insight into its area:

  • 95811 to 95819: These ZIP codes represent various neighborhoods in Sacramento, each with its unique character. From the vibrant downtown area (95814) to the serene residential neighborhoods (95819), these ZIP codes showcase Sacramento’s diverse urban landscape.
  • 95820 (Fruitridge) to 95837**: This range covers various parts of Sacramento, from the bustling commercial districts to quiet, family-friendly communities, reflecting the city’s multifaceted nature.

Special ZIP Codes: Unique and P.O. Box

In addition to standard ZIP codes representing neighborhoods, Sacramento also has numerous unique ZIP codes designated for state government offices and services, reflecting the city’s status as the state capital. For instance:

  • Unique ZIP Codes (94203 – State Of Ca, 94277 – Franchise Tax Board, 95840 – Franchise Tax Board): These codes are assigned to specific state departments or services, highlighting their importance and operational scope within the city.
  • P.O. Box ZIP Codes (95798, 95812, etc.): These are used mainly for postal services and likely represent areas with a concentration of P.O. Boxes rather than specific neighborhoods or services.


Sacramento’s ZIP codes offer a detailed map of the city’s diverse landscape, from bustling neighborhoods to state government hubs, and from postal service centers to unique institutional locations. Understanding these codes provides not only navigational aid but also a deeper insight into the multifaceted nature of California’s capital city. Whether exploring urban neighborhoods, visiting state offices, or navigating through services, each area, with its unique flavor and character, adds a distinctive chapter to the rich tapestry of Sacramento.

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