Nashville Zip Code

Zip CodeNeighborhoods/Areas
37201Downtown Riverfront / SoBro
37203Music Row / Edgehill / Vandy / West End Circle / Downtown (western) / The Gulch / Wedgewood Houston
3720412 South / Belmont / Lipscomb / Green Hills / Oak Hill / Edgehill
37205Belle Meade / West Meade / West Nashville
37206Lower East Nashville / Lockeland Springs
37207North Nashville / Dickerson Pike
37208Germantown / TSU
37209Sylvan Park / Sylvan Heights / The Nations / Charlotte Park
37210Woodbine / Glencliff / Briley / Elm Hill
37211South Nashville/ Whispering Hills / Brentioch / Lenox
37212Music Row / Vanderbilt / Hillsboro Village / Belmont
37214Donelson / Airport
37215Green Hills / Forest Hills / Belle Meade
37217Edge-O-Lake / Priest Lake / Briley Parkway
37219Downtown / Central Business District
37220Oak Hill / Crieve Hall
37013Antioch / Cane Ridge
37027Brentwood (as seen in Williamson County)
37138Old Hickory
Zip Code Nashville Tennessee

Suburban Zip Codes In Neighboring Counties:

Zip CodeNeighborhoods/Areas
37027Brentwood (Williamson County)
37064Franklin (Williamson County)
37067Franklin (Williamson County)
37069Franklin (Williamson County)
37135Nolensville (Williamson County)
37014Arrington (Williamson County)
37046College Grove (Williamson County)
37062Fairview (Williamson County)
37179Thompson’s Station (Williamson County)
37174Spring Hill (Williamson County)
Zip CodeNeighborhoods/Areas
37122Mt Juliet (Wilson County)
37121Mt Juliet (Wilson County)
37087Lebanon (Wilson County)
37090Lebanon (Wilson County)
37184Watertown (Wilson County)
37138Old Hickory (Wilson County)
Zip Code TN Nashville
Zip CodeNeighborhoods/Areas
37075Hendersonville (Sumner County)
37075Gallatin (Sumner County)
37066Gallatin (Sumner County)
37148Portland (Sumner County)
37070Goodlettsville (Sumner County)
37072Goodlettsville (Sumner County)
37048Cottontown (Sumner County)
37188Whitehouse (Sumner County)
Zip Code of Nashville Tennessee
Zip CodeNeighborhoods/Areas
37086LaVergne (Rutherford County)
37167Smyrna (Rutherford County)
37127Murfreesboro (Rutherford County)
37218Murfreesboro (Rutherford County)
37130Murfreesboro (Rutherford County)
Nashville TN Zip Code

Nashville, affectionately known as Music City, is not just the heart of country music but also a city of diverse neighborhoods, cultural hotspots, and thriving communities. But Nashville’s reach extends beyond its city limits into neighboring counties, each with its own unique communities. These areas are neatly categorized and identified by ZIP codes. Let’s embark on a journey through Nashville and its surrounding areas’ ZIP codes, exploring the distinctiveness each one brings.

Understanding Nashville’s ZIP Codes

ZIP codes, or Zone Improvement Plan codes, are more than just sequences of numbers for sorting mail. In Nashville and its neighboring counties, these codes are essential for understanding the city’s geography and the unique character of its neighborhoods and suburban areas.

Nashville’s ZIP Codes: A Mosaic of Communities

Nashville’s ZIP codes, ranging from 37201 to 37221, encapsulate the city’s diverse facets:

  • 37201 (Downtown Riverfront / SoBro): This area represents the heart of downtown Nashville, known for its vibrant nightlife, iconic music venues, and riverfront views.
  • 37203 (Music Row / Edgehill / Vandy): This ZIP code covers the famous Music Row, Vanderbilt University, and several residential and commercial areas, reflecting the city’s rich musical heritage and dynamic urban life.
  • 37204 (12 South / Belmont / Lipscomb) to 37209 (Sylvan Park / The Nations): These ZIP codes represent various neighborhoods, each with its unique character, from trendy shopping districts to historic residential areas.

Each ZIP code in Nashville tells a story about the area it represents. For instance:

  • 37210 (Woodbine / Glencliff) to 37221 (Bellevue): This range includes diverse neighborhoods, from the multicultural and bustling Woodbine to the serene and scenic Bellevue, showcasing Nashville’s multifaceted nature.

Nashville’s Suburban ZIP Codes in Neighboring Counties

Nashville’s reach extends into neighboring counties, each with its unique communities:

  • Williamson County (37027 Brentwood, 37064 Franklin): These areas are known for their affluent neighborhoods, historic sites, and suburban charm.
  • Wilson County (37122 Mt Juliet, 37087 Lebanon): Offering a blend of suburban living and open spaces, these areas are family-friendly with a growing community presence.
  • Sumner County (37075 Hendersonville, 37066 Gallatin): Known for their scenic beauty, recreational parks, and community-oriented living.
  • Rutherford County (37086 LaVergne, 37167 Smyrna): These areas are characterized by rapid growth, diverse communities, and economic development.


Nashville’s ZIP codes and those of its neighboring counties offer a detailed map of the city’s diverse landscape and suburban areas. From the bustling streets of downtown Nashville to the serene residential neighborhoods of its suburbs, each ZIP code contributes its unique story to the narrative of the region.

Understanding these codes not only aids in efficient mail delivery but also deepens one’s connection to the multifaceted nature of Nashville and its surrounding areas.

Whether exploring urban neighborhoods, suburban retreats, or navigating through the different counties, each area, with its unique flavor and character, adds a distinctive chapter to the rich tapestry of Nashville and its neighboring regions.

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