Miami Zip Code

ZIP CodeTypeAlias Names
33101P.O. Box
33102P.O. Box
33106UniqueSkyshop Logistics Inc
33109StandardFisher Island, Miami
33111P.O. Box
33112UniqueInternational Service Center
33114P.O. BoxMiami
33116P.O. Box
33119P.O. BoxMiami
33122StandardAir Mail Facility, Doral
33124P.O. BoxCoral Gables, Univ Of Miami,
University Of Miami
33133StandardCoconut Grove, Coral Gables
33134StandardCoconut Grove, Coral Gables
33138StandardEl Portal, Miami Shores
33140StandardMiami, Sunset Island
33141StandardMiami, Normandy, Normandy Isle,
North Bay Village, North Bay Vlg
33143StandardCoral Gables, South Miami
33144StandardCoral Gables, Sweetwater,
West Miami
33145StandardCoral, Coral Gables
33146StandardCoconut Grove, Coral Gables,
South Miami, Univ Of Miami,
University Of Miami
33147StandardDr Martin Luther King Jr
33150StandardEl Portal, Miami Shores
33151P.O. Box
33152P.O. Box
33153P.O. BoxMiami Shores
33154StandardBal Harbour, Bay Harbor Is,
Bay Harbor Islands, Ind Crk Vlg,
Indian Creek, Indian Creek Village,
Miami, Surfside
33155StandardWest Miami
33156StandardCoral Gables, Gables By The Sea,
Kendall, Pinecrest,
Richmond Heights,
Village Of Pinecrest
33157StandardCutler Bay, Cutler Ridge,
Palmetto Bay, Perrine,
S Miami Hts, South Miami Heights,
Village Of Palmetto Bay
33158StandardC Gables, Coral Gables,
Coral Gbls, Gables, Palmetto Bay,
Richmond Heights,
Village Of Palmetto Bay
33160StandardAventura, Golden Beach,
Miami, N Miami Beach,
Sunny Isl Bch, Sunny Isles Beach
33161StandardBarry University, Biscayne Park,
Miami Shores, North Miami
33162StandardN Miami Beach, North Miami Beach, Uleta
33163P.O. BoxOjus
33164P.O. BoxN Miami Beach, North Miami Bch,
North Miami Beach, Uleta
33165StandardOlympia Heights, Olympia Hgts,
33166StandardDoral, Medley, Miami Springs,
Virginia Gardens, Virginia Gdns
33167StandardMiami Shores, North Miami
33168StandardMiami Shores, North Miami
33169StandardMiami Gardens, N Miami Beach,
North Miami Beach
33170StandardCutler Ridge, Goulds, Quail Heights
33172StandardDoral, Sweetwater, West Miami
33174StandardSweetwater, West Miami
33175StandardOlympia Heights, Olympia Hgts
33176StandardPalmetto Bay, Richmond Heights
33177StandardQuail Heights
33178StandardDoral, Medley
33179StandardMiami Gardens, N Miami Beach,
North Miami Beach
33181StandardBiscayne Park, N Miami Beach, Nmb,
North Miami, North Miami Beach
33182StandardDoral, Sweetwater, West Miami
33185StandardOlympia Heights, Olympia Hgts
33187StandardQuail Heights
33188UniqueFlorida Power &Amp; Light Co
33189StandardCutler Bay, Cutler Ridge, Quail Heights
33190StandardCutler Bay, Cutler Ridge, Quail Heights
33191UniqueDoral, Reshipper
33192UniqueDoral, Reshipper
33194StandardSweetwater, West Miami
33195StandardDoral, Medley, Reshipper
33197P.O. BoxQuail Heights
33198StandardDoral, Reshipper
33199UniqueFlinternational Univ,
Florida International Univ
33206UniqueAeropost, Coral Gables
33222P.O. BoxDoral
33231P.O. Box
33233P.O. BoxCoconut Gr
33234P.O. BoxC Gables, Coral Gables,
Coral Gbls, Gables
33238P.O. Box
33239P.O. BoxCarl Fisher, Miami
33242P.O. Box
33243P.O. BoxSouth Miami
33245P.O. Box
33247P.O. Box
33255P.O. BoxLudlam
33256P.O. BoxKendall, Pinecrest,
Village Of Pinecrest
33257P.O. BoxPerrine
33261P.O. BoxBiscayne Park, Keystone Islands,
North Miami
33265P.O. BoxOlympia Heights, Olympia Hgts
33266P.O. BoxMiami Springs
33269P.O. Box
33280P.O. Box
33283P.O. Box
33296P.O. Box
33299P.O. Box
Zip Code USA Miami

Miami, a city known for its vibrant culture and scenic beauty, is made up of a myriad of neighborhoods, each distinct and represented by its unique ZIP code.

Downtown and Iconic Areas in Miami

  • 33101 & 33102 (P.O. Boxes): Serving the heart of Miami, these ZIP codes cater to businesses and residents in the bustling downtown area.
  • 33109 (Fisher Island): An exclusive and wealthy community, accessible only by ferry or private boat.
  • 33131 & 33132 (Downtown and Seybold): These areas include the financial district, featuring high-rises, shopping centers, and cultural venues.

Miami’s Residential Neighborhoods and Key Locations

  • 33125 – 33137: These ZIP codes cover a range of neighborhoods, each with its unique character, from historic areas to up-and-coming communities.
  • 33138 (El Portal, Miami Shores): Home to charming residential streets and historic homes.

Miami’s Specialized ZIP Codes

  • 33140 – 33141 (Miami Beach areas): These ZIP codes cover the famous Miami Beach, known for its historic Art Deco architecture and vibrant nightlife.
  • 33142 – 33147: Encompassing diverse neighborhoods with rich cultural heritage and bustling local businesses.

Miami’s Suburban and Expansive Neighborhoods

  • 33156 – 33158 (South Miami areas): Known for suburban living with a mix of upscale homes and outdoor spaces.
  • 33173 – 33177: Covering suburban communities and family-friendly neighborhoods with schools and parks.

Miami’s Unique and P.O. Box ZIP Codes

Miami also features a series of unique and P.O. Box ZIP codes for specific institutions, businesses, and mail handling services, such as 33114 (Miami) and 33124 (Coral Gables, University of Miami).


Miami’s ZIP codes offer a window into the city’s diverse tapestry of communities. From the luxurious Fisher Island to the historic streets of downtown Miami, and from the serene suburbs to the lively Miami Beach, each ZIP code area holds a piece of Miami’s vibrant identity. Whether you’re exploring the city’s cultural hotspots, residential neighborhoods, or commercial centers, these ZIP codes serve as a guide through the colorful mosaic that is Miami.

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