Indianapolis Zip Code

ZIP CodeTypeAlias Names
46206P.O. Box
46207P.O. Box
46208StandardRocky Ripple
46209UniqueBus Reply, Business Reply, Indianapolis Brm
46213UniqueWw Grainger Inc
46214StandardEagle Creek
46216StandardFt Benjamin Harrison
46219StandardIrvington, Warren Park
46221StandardWest Indianapolis
46224StandardIndianapolis, Spdway, Spdwy
46224StandardSpdway, Spdwy, Speedway
46227StandardHomecroft, Southport
46228StandardCrows Nest, N Crows Nest, North Crows Nest, Spring Hills, Wynnedale
46230P.O. Box
46240StandardNora, Williams Creek, Williams Crk
46241StandardDrexel Gardens, Drexel Gdns, Mars Hill, Maywood
46242P.O. Box
46244P.O. Box
46247P.O. BoxSouthport
46249UniqueArmy Finance Center, Army Finance Ctr, Fort Benjamin Harrison
46251P.O. Box
46253P.O. BoxEagle Creek
46254StandardEagle Creek
46255UniqueMerchants Bank, Pnc Bank
46260StandardMeridian Hills, Meridian Hls, Nora
46262UniqueHuntington Bank
46268StandardNew Augusta
46277UniqueChase Bank
46278StandardNew Augusta, Traders Point
46280StandardCarmel, Nora
46285UniqueEli Lilly Co
46288UniqueFranklin, Shared Zip Code
46290StandardCarmel, Nora
46298UniqueGreater Indiana District
Indiana Area Codes

Indianapolis, often referred to as the Crossroads of America, is not just the state capital of Indiana; it’s a city of diverse neighborhoods, major institutions, and various services. Each facet of this vibrant city is neatly categorized and identified by ZIP codes. These codes do more than ensure efficient mail delivery; they represent different parts of the city, from residential areas and business districts to government institutions and unique services. Let’s navigate through Indianapolis’ ZIP codes and uncover the distinctiveness each area brings to the city.

Understanding Indianapolis’ ZIP Codes

ZIP codes, short for Zone Improvement Plan codes, are more than just sequences of numbers for sorting mail. In Indianapolis, these codes are essential for understanding the city’s geography, defining neighborhoods, and pinpointing specific institutions or services.

Indianapolis’ ZIP Codes: A Mosaic of Communities and Services

Indianapolis’ ZIP codes range from 46201 to 46298, each marking a unique part of the city:

  • 46201 to 46205 (Uptown): These ZIP codes cover central Indianapolis and its immediate neighborhoods, including areas known for their vibrant urban lifestyle, cultural hotspots, and diverse communities.
  • 46206 and 46207 (P.O. Box): This range is designated for P.O. Boxes, focusing on postal services rather than specific neighborhoods.
  • 46208 (Rocky Ripple) to 46224 (Speedway): These ZIP codes include diverse neighborhoods, each with its unique character, from the artistic and historic Rocky Ripple to the racing hub of Speedway.

Each ZIP code in Indianapolis tells a story about the area it represents. For instance:

  • 46225 to 46237 (Southport): These ZIP codes represent various neighborhoods and areas in Indianapolis, each with its unique character, from the historic and culturally rich areas to the more residential and family-friendly communities.
  • 46239 (Wanamaker) to 46250 (Castleton): This range covers different parts of the city, from residential neighborhoods to areas known for their commercial centers and community-oriented living.

Indianapolis’ Special ZIP Codes: P.O. Box, Unique, and Standard

In addition to standard ZIP codes representing neighborhoods, Indianapolis also has numerous ZIP codes designated for P.O. Boxes, unique institutions, and services, reflecting the city’s extensive infrastructure and diverse organizational needs. For instance:

  • P.O. Box ZIP Codes (46206, 46207, etc.): These are mainly used for postal services and likely represent areas with a concentration of P.O. Boxes rather than specific neighborhoods.
  • Unique ZIP Codes (46213 – WW Grainger Inc, 46249 – Army Finance Center): These codes are assigned to specific institutions, organizations, or services, highlighting their importance and operational scope within the city.


Indianapolis’ ZIP codes offer a detailed map of the city’s diverse landscape, from bustling downtown areas to serene residential neighborhoods, and from major service hubs to unique institutional locations. Understanding these codes provides not only navigational aid but also a deeper insight into the multifaceted nature of this dynamic city. Whether exploring urban neighborhoods, visiting institutions, or navigating through services, each area, with its unique flavor and character, adds a distinctive chapter to the rich tapestry of Indianapolis.

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