Honolulu Zip Code

ZIP CodeTypeAlias Names
96801P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96802P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96803P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96804P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96805P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96806P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96807P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96808P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96809P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96810P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96811P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96812P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96813StandardHon, Hono
96814StandardHon, Hono
96815StandardHon, Hono
96816StandardHon, Hono
96817StandardHon, Hono
96819StandardHon, Hono
96820P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96821StandardHon, Hono
96822StandardHon, Hono
96823P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96824P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96825StandardHon, Hono
96826StandardHon, Hono
96828P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96830P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96836P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96837P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96838P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96839P.O. BoxHon, Hono
96840UniqueHawaiian Electric Company
96841UniqueHawaiian Telcom
96843UniqueBoard Of Water Supply
96844UniqueHon, Hono, University Of Hawaii
96846UniqueBank Of Hawaii
96847UniqueFirst Hawaiian Bank
96848UniqueEast West Center, Hon, Hono
96849UniqueBancorp, Bancorp Hawaii
96850StandardHon, Hono
Honolulu Postal Code

Honolulu, the vibrant capital of Hawaii, is renowned for its scenic beauty, cultural richness, and diverse communities. But beyond its picturesque beaches and landmarks, Honolulu is a city of various neighborhoods, major institutions, and services, each defined and identified by ZIP codes.

These codes do more than ensure mail delivery; they represent different parts of the city, from residential areas and business districts to educational institutions and unique services. Let’s embark on a journey through Honolulu’s ZIP codes and discover the distinctiveness each area brings to the city.

Honolulu’s Understanding ZIP Codes

ZIP codes, or Zone Improvement Plan codes, are more than just sequences of numbers for sorting mail. In Honolulu, these codes are pivotal for understanding the city’s geography, defining neighborhoods, and pinpointing specific institutions or services.

Honolulu’s ZIP Codes: A Mosaic of Communities and Services

Honolulu’s ZIP codes range from 96801 to 96850, each marking a unique part of the city:

  • 96801 to 96812 (P.O. Box): These ZIP codes are mainly used for postal services and represent areas with a concentration of P.O. Boxes rather than specific neighborhoods.
  • 96813 to 96826: These ZIP codes cover central Honolulu and its immediate neighborhoods, known for their vibrant urban lifestyle, cultural hotspots, and diverse communities.

Each ZIP code in Honolulu tells a story about the area it represents. For instance:

  • 96813 (Downtown Honolulu) to 96816: These ZIP codes represent various neighborhoods in Honolulu, each with its unique character, from the bustling downtown area to the residential and family-friendly communities.
  • 96817 to 96826 (University area): This range covers different parts of the city, from residential neighborhoods to areas known for their educational institutions, like the University of Hawaii (96822).

Honolulu’s Special ZIP Codes: P.O. Box, Unique, and Standard

In addition to standard ZIP codes representing neighborhoods, Honolulu also has numerous ZIP codes designated for P.O. Boxes, unique institutions, and services, reflecting the city’s extensive infrastructure and diverse organizational needs. For instance:

  • Unique ZIP Codes (96840 – Hawaiian Electric Company, 96841 – Hawaiian Telcom): These codes are assigned to specific institutions or businesses, highlighting their importance and operational scope within the city.


Honolulu’s ZIP codes offer a detailed map of the city’s diverse landscape, from bustling downtown areas to serene residential neighborhoods, and from major service hubs to unique institutional locations. Understanding these codes provides not only navigational aid but also a deeper insight into the multifaceted nature of this dynamic city. Whether exploring urban neighborhoods, visiting institutions, or navigating through services, each area, with its unique flavor and character, adds a distinctive chapter to the rich tapestry of Honolulu.

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