Baltimore Zip Code

ZIP CodeTypeAlias Names
21202StandardEast Case
21203P.O. Box
21204StandardBaltimore, Eudowood,
Loch Raven, Ruxton
21205StandardClifton East End, East End
21207StandardBaltimore, Pikesville, Woodlawn
21209StandardMount Washington, Mt Washington
21210StandardRoland Park
21213StandardClifton, Clifton East End
21219StandardBaltimore, Edgemere, Sparrows Pt
21225StandardBaltimore, Brooklyn Park
21226StandardBaltimore, Brooklyn,
Carvel Beach,
Chestnut Hill Cove,
Chstnt Hl Cv,
Clearwater Beach,
Clearwatr Bch,
Greenland Bch,
Greenland Beach,
Orchard Beach,
Stoney Beach
21227StandardArbutus, Baltimore,
21235UniqueSocial Security Administrat
21239StandardIdlewylde, Loch Hill,
21241UniqueSocial Security Admin
21250UniqueUniv Of Md Baltimore County
21251UniqueMorgan State University
21252UniqueBaltimore, Towson State University
21263UniqueBank Of America
21264UniqueM T Bank
21270P.O. BoxReisterstown Rd Plaza
21273UniqueBank Of America
21275UniqueWells Fargo
21278UniqueBaltimore Sunpapers
21279UniqueSun Trust Bank
21281P.O. Box
21282P.O. BoxBaltimore
21284P.O. BoxBaltimore, Loch Raven
21285P.O. BoxBaltimore
21286StandardBaltimore, Loch Raven
21287StandardJohns Hopkins, Johns Hopkins Hospital
21289UniqueT Rowe Price Associates Inc
21290UniqueSocial Security Admin
21297P.O. BoxFirms-Courtesy Reply
21298UniqueBaltimore Brm
Baltimore Area Codes

Baltimore, known for its rich history, diverse neighborhoods, and vibrant harbor, is a city full of character and charm. This Maryland city is segmented into various areas, each defined and identified by ZIP codes. These codes do more than ensure mail delivery; they represent different parts of the city, from historic districts and bustling business areas to significant institutions and unique services. Let’s explore Baltimore’s ZIP codes and the distinctiveness each area brings to this iconic city.

Understanding Baltimore’s ZIP Codes

ZIP codes, or Zone Improvement Plan codes, are more than just numbers for sorting mail. In Baltimore, these codes are crucial for understanding the city’s geography, defining neighborhoods, and pinpointing specific institutions or services.

Baltimore’s ZIP Codes: A Mosaic of Urban Life

Baltimore’s ZIP codes range from 21201 to 21298, each marking a unique aspect of the city:

  • 21201 to 21206: These ZIP codes represent central Baltimore, including downtown areas known for their business, cultural sites, and historic landmarks.
  • 21207 (Woodlawn) to 21211 (Hampden): This range encompasses diverse neighborhoods, each with its unique character, from the suburban feel of Woodlawn to the eclectic and artsy Hampden.

Each ZIP code in Baltimore tells a story about the area it represents. For instance:

  • 21212 (Govans) to 21217 (Druid): These ZIP codes cover various parts of the city, each with its distinct flavor, from the community-focused Govans to the historic and culturally rich Druid.
  • 21218 (Waverly) to 21224 (Highlandtown): This range includes ZIP codes for areas that range from bustling residential neighborhoods to historic and commercial hubs.

Baltimore’s Special ZIP Codes: P.O. Box, Unique, and Standard

In addition to standard ZIP codes representing neighborhoods, Baltimore also has ZIP codes designated for P.O. Boxes, unique institutions, and services, reflecting the city’s structure and organizational needs. For instance:

  • P.O. Box ZIP Codes (21203, 21270, etc.): These are primarily used for postal services and are likely concentrated in areas with a high density of P.O. Boxes.
  • Unique ZIP Codes (21235 – Social Security Administrat, 21251 – Morgan State University): These codes are assigned to specific institutions, highlighting their importance within the city.


Baltimore’s ZIP codes offer a comprehensive view of the city’s landscape, from its historic downtown to the modern suburbs, and from bustling business districts to peaceful residential areas. Understanding these codes not only aids in navigation but also provides insight into Baltimore’s diverse nature. Whether exploring iconic neighborhoods, visiting educational institutions, or utilizing services, each ZIP code area adds a distinctive character to Baltimore’s rich urban tapestry.

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