Waterproof Digital Cameras on a Budget

Underwater photography is a wonderful art and hobby, and the waterproof digital cameras used to take those marvelous pictures you see in magazines are highly specialized pieces of equipment that can withstand submersion.  This makes them perfect for the job, but it also makes them expensive.

If you take two digital cameras – a normal camera and a waterproof camera – that have the same abilities, the waterproof camera will cost more. Many people who have a small budget for photography do not believe they can afford to buy good underwater son chong tham trong suot digital cameras. While it is true that not everyone can afford top of the line gear, it is also true that there are affordable waterproof digital cameras out there for a modest budget. This article will give you a few ideas for cameras so that you can enjoy underwater photography just like the pros.

Affordable Waterproof Digital Cameras

Waterproof cameras are the essential piece of equipment for this hobby (but you already knew that, didn’t you?). As such, it is the most important item to buy, which means you should spend more time evaluating your options with this than any other part of your gear.  Now, I have to say that you do not have to purchase anything other than a waterproof camera to do underwater photography.  Other accessories are nice, but they are not required. That right there will help your budget out tremendously.

In this field, an affordable waterproof digital camera is really anything under $300.  You will not find a decent camera that is brand new below $200, and anything over $300 just starts to get expensive. So, here are three cameras that are in this price range that offer great performance at a quality price:

1. Olympus Stylus Tough 6000

This first camera is made by Olympus, one of the leaders in the waterproof digital cameras field, and has qualities that live up to the name. The Stylus Tough 6000 is waterproof up to 10 feet, is shock resistant (capable of withstanding falls up to five feet), and is freeze resistant – which is perfect if you like the frozen outdoors. Anywhere you want to go, this waterproof camera can handle it. And with 10 megapixels, the picture resolution is pretty good, too.

2. Canon Powershot D10

Canon, another big name in the camera industry, has become known for making high-quality waterproof digital cameras.  The Powershot D10 is no exception. With 12.1 megapixels, this waterproof camera has great resolution.  It also is waterproof up to 10 meters (30 feet), which means you can take this diving with you easily. This camera also comes with image stabilization, a wide variety of shooting modes, a 3x optical zoom, and great color effects built into the camera.

3. Pentax Optio W-30

This final waterproof digital camera, the Pentax Optio W-30, is great for when you are around a pool hanging out with friends or in the woods or outdoors enjoying nature. This is because the Optio W-30 will operate for 30 minutes in depths of five feet – perfect for a pool. It is also dust resistant for those dusty mountain trails. This waterproof camera also comes with a very fast auto-focus mechanism that lets you take quality pictures quickly, 25 shooting modes, and a super easy, one touch automatic feature that lets the camera do all the work for you.

The three waterproof digital cameras above are magnificent choices for those who are on a budget, and offer high quality performance for an affordable price. There are others out there with similar capabilities, but these three will serve you well no matter what your purpose may be. Now all you have to do is go out and get your own waterproof digital camera – and start taking pictures!

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