Think Fire Extinguisher Service Isn’t a Big Deal? Think Again!

Fire extinguisher service includes required and routine maintenance, and most times it only takes a few minutes of one’s time. It often includes physical, mechanical and visual tests so all equipment is ready for operation at moments notice in the event of a fire. It’s impossible to know when such a tragedy may occur, which is why periodic checks should be arranged daily, weekly and monthly by all building personnel. They should perform them to see if there are any irregularities, or missing or damaged parts.

Fire extinguisher service is also a great time to check if required extinguisher annual tags or recharge service is necessary. This should be labelled on the extinguisher gauge.

Monthly extinguisher logs should be kept, and are important. These logs work spectacularly when used as directed by personnel or residents. The present condition should be recorded thoroughly for all extinguishers, with any existing issues reported right away.

An actively licensed and certified extinguisher company can repair or perform fire extinguisher service so that all issues are quickly remedied.

Take Responsibility

Maintenance begins when owners, managers and building occupants take responsibility for all extinguishers and protection systems. The preferred interval for inspections is monthly, but more frequently is of course, better. It’s important to go by the manufacturer recommendations, or those of the area in which the property is located. That way, all codes and requirements are met and one can avoid penalties and fines.

Here are the usual checks that are performed and recorded:

  • Be sure the extinguisher has no damage
  • Check for any blockage near the discharge valve
  • The extinguisher should be fully charged with the seal unbroken
  • Instructions should be clearly visible
  • Some extinguishers require being shaken monthly
  • Check for missing annual tags

Leaving it to the Professionals

Daily, weekly or monthly extinguisher service inspections are completed by reading the extinguisher gauges where one can see if a recharge is necessary, or if any pressure has been lost in within the cylinder. If the unit was discharged, it should be serviced right away in order to stay compliant.

Missing pins are a big deal, and there should where to buy fire extinguisher singapore be an annual inspection tag up-to-date at all times. Many go to make an insurance claim and if it’s found that the fire were not serviced they can’t get anything recovered from loss due to fire. A simple inspection can save a fortune and of course, save lives.

The best way to remember this vital process is by having extinguishers inspected and tested by an authorised, certified and qualified technician from a trustworthy company. They may find other regulations that aren’t currently being met and be able to get a business fully compliant for less than they’d imagined.

Having an Event?

It’s also important to secure fire extinguisher service for events! Many overlook this necessary step to being able to throw a party or event whether inside the business, out or in another location. An event can be shut down if not properly set up for a fire emergency.

Don’t put off important extinguisher service ever again. It pays in more ways than one to align with a reputable fire safety company no matter the size of your business.

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