The NFL Letdown Game

By the time the NFL season rolls around many things can change for teams like cuts, injuries, etc…However I think it is important for you to look at the schedules ahead of time and see where teams may have letdowns…

the best one is the division sandwich…simply put a team will play another team out of division in between two divisional games…for example look at the AFC East

Buffalo plays at home against Miami, and the Jets before traveling all the way to Oakland to play the Raiders and then after that come back to play the Patriots. This is a tough schedule for anyone, but especially a team with a young offense.

The Patriots have a brutal schedule where they start four out of the six on the road and at the end of the season play at Buffalo and then should look right past a live underdog at home in Tampa Bay before ending the season against the Jets and the Dolphins…

The Jets plat at New England, and then host Oakland before playing games to end the season at Miami, and home against the Pats and Buffalo.

Miami plays Buffalo and then has to travel across country to San Diego to play the chargers before coming back to play the Jets. Then they play the titans before ending the season Dream League game 2020 against the Pats giving them back to back divisional sandwiches.

With a division this tough these teams will circle end of the season games against each other. Looking at the schedule and circling these games will allow you to keep them in mind and research them again when they come up.

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