Physical and Psychological Health

Everyone loves health and everyone wishes to always be healthy. Many people try to maintain their physical health through sports or specific diets. Health is precious!heal.

However, we are always exposed to several microbes in the environment, and there are several diseases that threaten us all the time to which we give in sometimes.

Paracelsus, the famous doctor and alchemist (1493) whose medicine was considered “revolutionary” during his time, believed that diseases were necessary, that they were manifestations of life and therefore, part of its development.

However, his philosophy was completely wrong because diseases are not necessary for the development of life. On the contrary, they often interrupt and impede its development.

We can see in our time how progressively worse the diseases are getting and we can also observe that they are now attacking young people.

The human being is destroying the planet, eliminating its animals and plants, besides destroying one’s own psychic sphere.

Many different or similar psychological diseases started to appear in our civilization, with all the disorganized technological development we suddenly had in the last century and the absurd rhythm of life we follow in big cities. Health is now a myth…

Everyone has several physical and psychological problems. We form a sick population that lives in a crazy world, pursuing happiness in a labyrinth where the walls are made of mistakes and impossibilities.

In this desperate moment for humanity, the light of wisdom, which nobody could ever imagine existed, suddenly saves us from the darkness of ignorance, giving us hope of salvation. Our own dreams are the solution to our problems!

By interpreting our dreams through the method discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, we can discover how we can maintain or acquire physical and psychological health. Body, mind and spirit are strictly connected, and so we can eliminate the influence of the wild side of our conscience and develop our atrophied psychological functions.

We can cure psychological and physical diseases through dream interpretation, learn the meaning of each disease and what to do to avoid suffering from these diseases in the future.

Health, balance and wisdom can be attained by anyone if they learn how to translate dream messages, so that they are able to understand the wise guidance of the unconscious and follow the indications they receive.

This way, our population can be saved from despair and pain, acquiring physical and psychological health and keeping it for life. We can completely eliminate the diseases and transform our planet into a paradise.

Everything only depends on our disposition.

Prevent Depression and Craziness through the scientific method of Dream Interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by Christina Sponias, a writer who continued Jung’s research in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere.

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