My Oil is Dark. Doesn't It Need Changing?

You may know that the weight of the oil you use can impact your fuel mileage. So what’s the best weight to use for your vehicle? It’s always a good idea to consult your owner’s manual for the type of oil that’s best in your engine. With all the choices out there, how do you know what weight of oil to use, or if it even matters? The answer to this may lie in the time of year.
As a general rule, assuming the oil’s weight falls within the range recommended in the owner’s manual, you’ll get the best protection in the summer when you use a slightly thicker grade of oil, such as a 10W30 instead of a 5W30. Engines need a thicker oil in the summer months because of the summer heat and its effects on thinning the oil out. When the weather cools down, you can switch back to a lighter, thinner oil, which will help preserve gas mileage in the winter months.
My Oil is Dark. Doesn’t It Need Changing?
Many oils turn dark before they need to be changed. As noted before, one function of the oil is to take minute soot particles and other impurities and suspend them, away from metal surfaces where they could otherwise cause damage. It is the dispersant additives in the oil that accomplish this essential task. These dispersed particles are what make the oil darker. If you were to leave the oil change for too long, eventually the oil would lose its ability to suspend these particles (as the dispersant additive is depleted), and then you would have a problem. But simply having dark oil isn’t a sign that the oil needs to be changed at that time.
Do You Need To Change Your Filter Every Time?
In times past, manufacturers would recommend that you cbd capsules canada did not need to change your oil filter every time you changed the oil itself. This was because they used non-detergent oils. Oils without detergent would leave all the oil sludge in the engine, so of course the oil filter last longer. Today most oils contain detergents and you need to change the oil filter with each oil change.
What You Need To Know About Synthetic Oil
The automakers of many newer vehicles are recommending use of synthetic oils in those vehicles. But synthetic oils cost more, which leads consumers to question their value. They ask “do I need to spend $20 more per oil change or can I get away with just paying normal price?” Why are synthetic oils being recommended and are they worth the cost? Let’s investigate.

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