How a Records Management Company Can Streamline Your Business


The average file room holds thousands of documents, and many of them contain confidential information about a business and its customers. When it comes time to find these files, employees can waste countless hours trying to locate lost documents in a disorganized system. This decreases productivity and increases the cost of doing business. Companies need a more effective way to quickly and easily organize, store and find files.

Digital archiving is a relatively new concept for many companies, but it is a technological advancement that is changing the way businesses store and access critical information. Digitally archiving files is extremely efficient and allows companies to securely scan, track, and store all of their documents. In addition to storing physical files in a secure location, a records management company can help businesses be more productive and even go paperless by providing access to electronic files when and how they need them. They can easily access their files via a secure web connection or receive them on a server or email.


Digital Archiving versus Scanning

Many businesses confuse digital archiving with scanning. A company, for example, may think it’s a good idea to scan all of their old files using a digital scanner. While this method is paperless, it is not efficient. It costs a great deal of time and money and reduces a company’s productivity to scan each document. In most cases, companies only need 5 to 10 percent of the documents they store on-site, so they’re wasting time and resources scanning documents they will likely never retrieve or use in the future.

Records management companies can streamline the entire scanning and retrieval process. They implement a digital archiving program that can start as soon as the business begins working with them. This means that the business doesn’t have to go back and scan old files. From that day forward files received or generated by the company are digitally archived, and the records management company stores the physical files in its secure storage center. Documents can then be scanned and sent on-demand in a digital format, saving the business time and money while providing peace of mind.

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