HDD Regenerator at Work

HDD Regenerator reminds me of good old days when people used to run around with rusty floppy disks, it really does feel nostalgic. Some of you probably even remember sounds it used to make while running NDD (Norton Disk Doctor) in order to “repair” bad sectors. After floppy drives became part of history, hardly anyone ever spoken about bad sectors. I’m not saying HDDs didn’t have same issues. Sure they did.

Back then, when we used to have 20mb hard drives it was way easier and faster doing low level scans then now, with 1TB hard drives. Unless of course your dealing with critically important information on your hard drive. Let’s say you have data on the hard drive, financial records or something that could make you lose a lot of money, and you cannot access it. That’s when HDD Regenerator comes handy. It may save you a lot of money, literally.

Essentially it is the software, with ability to detect and repair bad blocks and restore data of your damaged hard drives. Before going through HDD Regenerator, let’s make one thing clear, what exactly is a bad sector/bad block. Hard Drive is separated into blocks/sectors. Size of 1 block is 512K in x86 Computers. When Operating System cannot read information out of certain block it is being marked as BAD BLOCK or bad sector and no longer used after that.

Then, if possible, content of the block moved to another block.Obviously software of any kind cannot repair a physical damage such as head damage, or even physical damage on surface of HDD disk. This should clear up the confusion about repairing bad sectors in general. Thing is that almost 60% of all damaged HDDs have incorrectly magnetized disk surface. HDD Regenerator algorithm repairs this kind of damage. Which means the data you couldn’t access because of this very damage, will be restored. For more information visit:-https://micropartsmi.com

Claim about HDD Regenerator being able to repair damage that even low level disk format cannot, isn’t unfounded. Thing is that, this software completely ignores file system and scans your hard drive at physical level and with special algorithm repairs any magnetic damage done, this is something that low level format cannot do.

Come to think of it, if you compare prices of new HDD or HDD Regenerator it is most definitely worth giving it a try. Unless of carouse you have dropped your HDD or crushed it with a hammer HDD Regenerator supports FAT, NTFS or other file systems. For people working with delicate information, this software has proven and not just once, to be a life saver. Besides when buying this software you’re buying unlimited license period and huge discounts on major upgrades as well as 1 year of free minor upgrades.

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