Guidelines To Make Custom Embroidered Patches Without Using Machine Embroidery

If you want to know how to make custom embroidered patches if you do not want to use this embroidery machine then we can tell you the easiest steps. It is just a piece of cake, even if you do not have a machine embroidery, you can still make that patch and then iron-on that patch on your jacket or pant side. You should be having all of the supplies to get done with this process and complete this method. Below is the list of supplies and items which you will need it. Follow these simple steps and get some amazing and cutest looking patches on your hats and too on your jackets and pants.

What supplies are needed to make custom embroidered patches?

You should be having a sewing machine, you should have a base fabric, you should have fusible interfacing and a thread and also design in your mind. You will need a pencil and also a lightbox. If you can find an embroidery hoop then you should get it.

Steps of how to make custom embroidered patches?

You have to prepare your most basic fabric

In the first step, you have to prepare and set your most fabric and basic kind of fabric. It will be on this fabric that you will be carrying out this patch process. Keep in mind and make sure that you have to select and chose a lighter-weight fabric. It will be your base fabric that has to be lighter in weight. In order to keep up the body and also the shape of your embroidered patch, your base fabric should be much lighter in weight.

Press And Iron Your Base Fabric

After getting done with the selection of your base fabric, you have to set and also iron your fabric. You have to heat up your iron and then set the fabric in a suitable way and manner. your base fabric should be free from all sorts of wrinkles. It should not have any kind of wrinkles on it. It has to be properly set up so that you can proceed with the next step. You have to lay down your fabric right on top of that fusible interfacing. Then you have to give a couple and a bunch of strokes to your base fabric.

Now start tracing your design

Now you can start making your design and make sure that you have to put your design right under your interfaced fabric. You can also tape it to the lightbox. You have to trace your design with the help of a pencil. You can too make use of some kind of washable sort of marking device. If your design is of circles then you should take help from the compass.

Sewing time

After tracing your design, you can start sewing your design. You have to sew it in the finest way. This will take a few minutes of yours. After sewing, your embroidered patch will be done and now you can stick this patch on your jacket or pant.

This is how to make custom embroidered patches using machine embroidery. So, all of the creative-minded people out there, you can follow these simple series of steps. You have to give us your feedback that whether you find this process tough or not. Stay in touch with us as well.


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